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Some cases of agranulocytosis are connected with a typical bone bottom, recommending peripheral destruction of white blood cells, while some cases of agranulocytosis have been linked with bone marrow hypocellularity of the myelocytic cell lines. [Ref]

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Hepatic side impacts have been unusual. Two instances of liver disease have actually been highly linked with spironolactone (the active substance had in Aldactone) [Ref]

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A 53-year-old lady with aldosteronism second to an adrenal adenoma created relatively easy to fix hepatitis during spironolactone treatment. The disorder dealt with after medication discontinuation, as well as was reproducible on rechallenge. The authors did not discover signs or symptoms of hypersensitivity to the medication. A 74-year-old guy with edema, marginal alcohol consumption (less than 30 g/day), and also no history of liver or biliary illness came to be icteric 7 weeks after beginning spironolactone therapy. Liver biopsy exposed cholestatic sores with numerous biliary thrombi as well as overloaded centrilobular cells, harmed hepatocytes, and also focal death. Contagious hepatitis was serologically omitted. All liver feature abnormalities stabilized 3 months after ceasing spironolactone. The writers of this case report explain the architectural resemblance between spironolactone as well as steroids, medicines which are connected with cholestatic liver injury. [Ref]

Oncologic negative effects have included separated instance reports of tumorigenesis however this has not been confirmed in big studies. [Ref]